Dr. Jennifer Rudd MChem PhD MRSC

I am a climate change education expert with a background in chemistry, chemical engineering and curriculum development for secondary school, undergraduate and post-graduate students. I have been a STEM ambassador for 10 years.

I can provide the following:

  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for teachers
    i) Training in climate change education
    ii) Training to run the You and CO2 programme (for students aged 12-15)
    iii) Training to run a Dragon’s Den-style climate mitigation activity (for students aged 16-18)
  • Climate change curriculum development – working with teachers to adapt their current lessons to include climate change and sustainable development goal content.
  • Research synthesis for schools, local authorities and Governments – ie. exploring a broad range of current climate change education resources and making recommendations on what would be suitable for a certain context.
  • Creation of climate change education resources to suit a particular school or learning environment (eg. Pupil Referral Unit, Hospital School etc)
  • Science festival events, particularly around carbon capture, storage and utilisation, suitable for all ages.
  • Introduction to climate change talks.

I lead the successful You and CO2 programme, which is interdisciplinary climate change education for students ages 12-15. This has been adapted to be suitable for students with additional learning needs and has been downloaded in 9 countries across the world. You and CO2 is also gaining traction in the UK with uptake in schools in England, Wales and Scotland.

I also developed a Dragon’s Den-style climate mitigation activity to enable students aged 16-18 to research and debates the advantages and dis-advantages of natural and technological climate change mitigation techniques. This was used by the Youth Council for Wales and Neath Port Talbot College.

I have experience developing and adapting teaching materials to suit a variety of specialist educational needs such as dyslexia, colour blindness and multi-sensory learning. I also have some experience working with autistic students.

Thanks so much for coming along to give such a wonderfully interesting talk at the Oriel Science Cafe. As I said last night, you don’t need me to say how well received it was, because that was obvious from the audience reaction! It gave everyone a fantastic insight into the real life decisions we make which affect global warming.

Prof. Chris Allton,

“I am really keen to use your ideas with our GATE students, it is certainly something that will engage them and get them really thinking which is great”
GATE = Gifted And Talented

Science Teacher, Welsh Further Education College