Dr. Jennifer Rudd MChem PhD MRSC


I have expertise in coordination chemistry, water splitting catalysis, dye-sensitised solar cells and carbon dioxide reduction catalysis. I have been involved in many different areas of chemistry including organic and inorganic synthesis, solution state characterisation, analysis, electrochemistry, spectroscopy and lately solid state characterisation techniques.

I graduated from the University of York in 2009 with a Masters Degree in Chemistry, having spent my final year as an Erasmus student at the Universitaet Muenster.
I then moved to Basel, Switzerland for my PhD, followed by North Carolina, USA as a Swiss National Science Foundation Mobility Fellow.
I returned to the UK in 2015 and took two years out of academia to become a mother to a little boy.
I am currently working as a post-doctoral research associate in the area of electrocatalytic carbon dioxide reduction to fuels.